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CRC CARE welcomes all media enquiries on matCARE as well as remediation, risk assessment and policy issues related to contamination by per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), such as PFOS and PFOA. We have a number of eminent researchers available for comment.  For general media enquiries, contact CRC CARE Communication Manager Adam Barclay on +61 2 4033 9439 (office), +61 429 779 228 (mobile) or

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Below is a selection of national and international news reports on AFFFs, matCARE and related topics. Click here for archived matCARE stories.

matCARE in the media


PERTH Airport is being assessed for contamination from the same toxic chemicals that leeched into groundwater and rendered farmland unusable around the RAAF Williamtown base in New South Wales.

22 NOVEMBER 2016


PERTH Airport is being assessed for contamination from the same toxic chemicals that leeched into groundwater and rendered farmland unusable around the RAAF Williamtown base in New South Wales. The culprits are the man-made chemicals perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) found in fire fighting foam used at airports and Department of Defence sites across Australia. Read more



The announcement that Hazelwood power station is to close next year is understandably distressing to many in the Latrobe Valley. This distress is well founded. Although the announcement was predicted for many years, state and federal governments have done essentially nothing over the past five years to ensure a smooth and gradual transition for the people of the Latrobe Valley away from coal and into other jobs. Read more

DuPont pushed to settle cases involving plant now owned by Chemours

19 OCTOBER 2016


An Ohio federal judge has ordered DuPont to defend 10 cases of alleged C-8 exposure in a span of three months, starting next year. Although DuPont is the main defendant, Wilmington-based Chemours has assumed ownership of the manufacturing plant the cases revolve around since it spun out from DuPont last year. Read more

 PFOS and PFOA from nearby factories have seeped into the Xiaoqing River in China.

15 September 2016

The Teflon Toxin Goes to China.

The Xiaoqing flows 134 miles through the major cities of Zibo, Binzhou, and Dongying in Shandong province. Tens of millions of people depend on it. In Jinan, which is close to the river’s origin, human and livestock waste and runoff from fertilizers and pesticides have caused the water to stink in recent years. But downstream from Jinan, waste from factories has compounded the river’s problems. Read more

 Australia’s Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tony Hobbs, who welcomed the review of Australian drinking water standards for perfluorinated compounds

9 September 2016

Safe drinking standards for PFOS and PFOA remain above US levels.

AUSTRALIA’S safe drinking water standards for the toxic chemicals at the centre of the Williamtown contamination scandal will remain 78 times higher than those set by the United States, after a review found the levels were “appropriate” and “protective of public health”. Read more

CRC Care has had zero input into the development of enHealth’s human health reference values for perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), and has absolutely no conflict of interest in this matter.

3 September 2016

CRC CARE had no conflict of interest.

Professor Ravi Naidu, Callaghan, NSW, managing director and CEO CRC CARE responds to an article published in The Saturday PaperRead more

Potentially contaminated AFFF was used at 36 airports between the 1980s and 2003, according to a submission to the Senate inquiry looking into land and groundwater contamination.

24 August 2016

Dozens of airports across Australia being monitored for toxic foam contamination.

Investigations are continuing into the impact of toxic firefighting chemicals at 36 airports across the country, Airservices Australia says. Read more

Williamtown Human Health Risk- Department of Defence news update

11 August 2016

Findings of the Williamtown Human Health Risk Assessment.

Following the release of the Williamtown Human Health Risk Assessment this week, members of the community were given the opportunity to hear the report’s key findings on Tuesday night and ask questions of experts at a community walk-in session yesterday. Members of the local media were also invited to attend a question and answer session today with Defence officials and experts from AECOM. Read more

PFAs have been found in a number of household materials

9 August 2016

Six Million Americans Have This Toxic Chemical in Their Drinking Water.

Add this to the growing list of reasons to be uneasy about your municipal water supply: a new Harvard study has found that six million Americans drink water containing unsafe levels of obscure industrial pollutants associated with cancer and other severe health consequences. Read more

Some related chemicals (perfluorinated compounds) have been used and remain in the environment around the Williamtown RAAF site.

9 August 2016

PFOS and PFOA – Williamtown RAAF Site Contamination .

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has informed the NSW government that the Williamtown site has been found to contain high concentrations of PFOS and other closely related chemicals. These chemicals are present on the site and over the past decades have slowly worked their way through the soil to the groundwater underneath the site. These substances have not only contaminated the RAAF site itself, but also land close to the site. Read more


5 June 2016

Potentially cancer-causing contaminant PFOS found at Sydney Airport.

A potentially cancer-causing chemical that led to bans on commercial fishing and depressed housing values when it was discovered north of Newcastle has been found at dozens of sites across Sydney, including Sydney Airport and the Richmond RAAF Base. Read more

Scientists have found perfluorinated compounds, which were present in firefighting products throughout the world from the 1970s to the mid-2000s, are highly persistent in the environment.

15 July 2016

Toxic foam present at Brisbane Airport .

The same toxic remnants of the firefighting foam that contaminated parts of the Oakey town's water supply are present at Brisbane Airport, Airservices Australia has confirmed. Read more

 Queensland will ban chemical firefighting foams that have contaminated groundwater and residential land at Oakey

8 July 2016

Oakey contaminants to be banned in Qld.

Queensland will ban chemical firefighting foams that have contaminated groundwater and residential land at Oakey. Read more

2 July 2016

Contamination at Williamtown.

The election is done and dusted, but regardless of who won, there was consensus from the major parties that more has to be done at Williamtown on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, where fishers, farmers and local residents are living under a polluted cloud of uncertainty. Sean Murphy reports on the impacts of a contamination nightmare which may be replicated around Australia in the coming years. Read more

 The Federal Government promises to review new drinking water standards in the wake of chemical contamination surrounding defence sites like Newcastle's Williamtown RAAF base.

27 June 2016

Federal Government promises review into safe levels of chemicals in drinking water.

The Coalition is promising to review new drinking water standards for toxic chemicals that have contaminated land around Defence bases, if it is re-elected. Read more

Assistant Defence Minister, Michael McCormack, says he is seeking advice on how the US EPA's decision on safe drinking water levels for PFOS and PFOA will impact on testing being done in Williamtown.

23 May 2016

Defence, EPA grapple with US PFOS shift.

The assistant minister for Defence, Michael McCormack, said the United States EPA’s decision to dramatically lower safe drinking levels for the toxic chemicals that have contaminated properties surrounding the Williamtown RAAF Base will be “taken into account” in the establishment of Australian reference levels. Read more

The EPA is investigating the use of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) in South Australia.

2 February 2016

PFAS use investigation.

The EPA is investigating the use of per- and poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFASs) in South Australia. Read more

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