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matCARETM: cleaning up AFFF-contaminated soil and wastewater

matCARETM is a proven on-site solution that removes aqueous film-forming foams (AFFFs) from contaminated soil and wastewater.

CRC CARE has developed a modified clay sorbent capable of cleaning up toxic per- and poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFASs), such as PFOS and PFOA, found in some firefighting foams (AFFFs) as well as others on the Stockholm Convention list. As part of the complete on-site assessment and remediation service known as matCARETM, this sorbent immobilises contaminants within wastewater and soil and helps restore the commercial value of contaminated sites. 

The matCARETM difference

  • Developed upon request of the Department of Defence by CRC CARE in consultation with Industry and Regulators
  • A fast acting, on-site remediation solution
  • Full, end-to-end service offered by CRC CARE with matCARETM including testing beforehand, remediating contamination on-site and post remediation testing
  • A cost effective solution that is 90% cheaper than landfill, eliminating the need for transport and excavation costs
  • Four airport facilities successfully remediated across Australia to date
  • matCARETM does a far better job than granular activated carbon and other technologies currently available, with a much smaller amount required.

matCARETM in the media

Soil contamination and potential remediation solutions are a hot topic as demonstrated in news and current affair issues globally. 

As one of the world’s leading remediation solutions, matCARETM has attracted significant attention over the past few years as a viable and successful remediation technique.  

matCARETM enables the cleanup of AFFF, perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) benefitting a wide range of industries.

Read the latest stories about matCARETM in the media here

Soil and water – made safe for re-use

The approach taken for the remediation of contaminated soil is different to that of water. Each site is assessed and a site-specific remediation plan implemented for optimal results. Water is returned safe for re-use and soil is restored into productive real estate. 

healthy soil

matCARE™ for soil

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clean water

matCARE™ for wastewater

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Perflurochemicals – the toxic players in AFFFs

per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) are commonly used to improve the ability of fire-fighting foam to smother fire. These AFFFs have been used at hundreds of thousands of fire training facilities (e.g. airports, air force bases and other military sites) worldwide over the past century, as well as in the production of fabrics, leather, paper products, nonstick cookware, food packaging and insecticides.

However, PFASs pose a serious problem. They are potentially harmful to human health and the environment. When washed away from surfaces and disposed of in landfill, the PFASs PFOA and PFOS contaminate soil and water. PFASs are stable chemicals that do not change or break down readily in the environment or in living things. The solution is remediation, and matCARETM offers a full assessment and remediation service that takes places entirely at the contaminated site.

matCARETM – on-site assessment and remediation service

CRC CARE scientists arrive with a mobile assessment and remediation facility and take care of contamination issues right there and then.

The clay sorbent used in matCARETM has the capacity to successfully immobilise 50% more PFOS and PFOA than traditional technologies, with field trials proving that it is more effective than activated carbon and biochar.

matCARE™ in action at Defence sites across Australia

matCARETM has been used to successfully remediate four AFFF-contaminated sites for the Department of Defence.  Read the CRC CARE case study here.

“CRC CARE fulfilled a critical need by developing best practice solutions to Defence’s AFFF management issues. Their cost-effective and comprehensive risk-based approach – from assessment through to remediation, using their industry-leading matCARE™ technology – helped Defence ensure a healthy and safe environment at sites where AFFF had previously posed a challenge.”
- Terry Weston, Former Assistant Secretary Environment and Engineering, Department of Defence

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