13 -16 September 2015, Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne, Australia

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CleanUp Conference 2015

Site Tour


As part of CleanUp 2015 delegates can book onto a technical tour of contaminated sites and analytical and instrumentation facilities around Melbourne.

The tour will take place on Thursday 17th September 2015. 

Places on the tour are limited. Book now to secure your spot

Technical tour

Perkin Elmer - For the Better

Delegates registered for this one-day tour will visit a remediated site and some of the best analytical and instrumentation facilities in Melbourne with guided tours by local experts.

Thanks to our tour sponsor Perkin Elmer who we will be visiting on Stop 3 of the tour. 

The four stops of the tour are outlined below:

Stop 1: A former service station

Golder Associates has installed a super oxygenated water (SOW) remediation system at a former service station for remediation of hydrocarbon impacted groundwater. As with any remediation, understanding the conceptual site model (CSM) is a critical element to successfully achieving the remedial goal.

This field visit is an opportunity to discuss the CSM, the development of remedial approach, view the SOW system and assess progress towards the remedial goal.

Golder Associates - remediation of a former service station

Image: A super oxygenated water (SOW) remediation system installed at a former service station

Stop 2: RENEX treatment and recovery facility 

RENEX is Australia’s first permanently located Integrated Waste Treatment & Resource Recovery Facility for the treatment of contaminated soils and other Prescribed Industrial Wastes. The facility accepts waste materials which would otherwise have been destined for landfill disposal, to be treated and reused in sustainable applications.

The facility is over 10,000m2 under roof and includes a storage area for over 30,000 tonnes of contaminated soil.  The facility utilises Indirectly Heated Pyrolysis Rotary Kiln Technology for the treatment of these wastes. This is an opportunity to find out from Richard Jeffares from RENEX what the facility in Dandenong South has to offer.

RENEX's pyrolysis kiln using 1100 degree hot gases to indirectly heat the contaminated soil to 600 degrees at which point the contaminants are volatilised.

Image: RENEX's pyrolysis kiln uses 1100 degree hot gases to indirectly heat the contaminated soil to 600 degrees at which point the contaminants are volatilised.

Stop 3: Green Chemical Futures, PerkinElmer

The PerkinElmer Flagship Facility (established in 2015) at Monash’s Green Chemical Futures (GCF) building is an analytical facility that brings together the capability, innovation, and expertise of PerkinElmer for analytical technology with the research and training capabilities of Monash University.

It will be a hub for industry collaboration, graduate traning, and an analytical service platform for Green Chemical Futures members and partners. It provides the foundation for future collaboration with PerkinElmer (exclusively) on a local and global level and Monash University. The Facility enhances Monash’s infrastructure capability to support the Chemicals and Plastics industry or innovation, whilst supporting research focussed on green chemistry.

Green Chemical Future Flagship Facility: PerkinElmer

Image: Green Chemical Futures, PerkinElmer Flagship Facility (established 2015)

Stop 4: ALS Environmental laboratories

ALS Environmental provides a full range of environmental analytical testing services. As part of the tour you will get a chance to:

  • gain a brief insight into the ALS operations
  • get hands-on exposure to sample receipt, highlighting sample transport best practise
  • tour all production areas of the laboratory, including sample preparation, inorganics and organic laboratories
  • take a look inside a GC-MS instrument (gas chromatograph coupled to a mass spectrometer)
  • get an insight into what to look for on a chromatogram (from an instrument operators perspective)
  • observe a demonstration of vapour/air sampling equipment.


Register for CleanUp 2015 and book your spot on the technical tour! 

If you have already registered for CleanUp 2015 contact the event team to purchase tickets for the site tour.  

The technical tour will depart from the Crown Promenade Hotel at 8.30am and return at 5.00pm. 
Morning tea and lunch will be provided for each attendee. 

Further details will be added here as it becomes available.

This page previously advertised two seperate tours - one analytical and instrumental tour and one remediation tour. We have decided to combine these two tours to offer a longer one-day technical tour that takes delegates on a journey from a real-life remediated site to instrumental and analytical facilities that are using innovative techniques to assess and remediate contaminated air, water and soil.