CRC CARE brings together industry, government, science and engineering to prevent, assess and clean up environmental contamination

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Policy development and social engagement


CRC CARE's research in this area is developing new principles, indicators and strategies to support the development of new policy frameworks and guidance for remediation and measurement of contaminants. The research is also producing strategies to effectively, and positively, engage with communities to manage perceptions surrounding remediation technologies and their application.

Gulliver Conroy

The professional shaping of nanotechnology: A boundary perspective of communication for environmental risk governance

Kate Hughes

Integration Mechanisms in Risk Communication about the Selection of Remediation Design for Persistent Organic Pollutants: Bridging Content, Bridging Process and Perception Benefit

Kerry Scott

Classification and ranking of incentives for remediation and reduction of title blight

Vilma Faustorilla

Accurate measurement of total petroleum hydrocarbon in soils and sediments