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Four Groundwater Tools for use at Groundwater Contaminated Sites

30 September 2014 02:00 PM - 30 September 2014 05:00 PM
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Workshop overview

This half-day course is intended to provide technical personnel a comprehensive hands-on understanding of several free, accessible, useable, and practical models that can be used to support remedy decisions and strategy development at groundwater contaminated sites.  The course will focus on analytical models REMChlor, Mass Flux Toolkit, Matrix Diffusion Toolkit, and the GSI Mann-Kendall Toolkit.  Users will actually run each of these four tools on their computers. 

Basic model development, concepts, and terminology will be integrated with hands-on instruction using the analytical models through a series of detailed case studies and software exercises.  Participants will be shown how to incorporate these tools to help develop robust characterization and/or remediation decisions. Course attendees are expected to have a general technical background or understanding of environmental site management and contaminant hydrogeology.

To get the most out of the course, we strongly recommend that participants download the software tools before arriving in the class, and that they bring computers that can meet the specifications outlined below.  There may be some potential for participants without a computer to team up with another participant, but this will be determined at the beginning of the class.

Workshop schedule

This workshop is scheduled to commence at 2.00pm.

Time for each segment will be allocated by instructor as needed, and presentations will cover: Theoretical background, Overview of tool, Toolkit features, and include a hands-on exercise, for each of the following:

  • Mass Flux Toolkit:  Calculator for Converting Groundwater flow and concentration data to mass flux/mass discharge data.
  • REMChlor Model: Fate and transport model for chlorinated solvent plumes for analyzing remediation alternatives.
  • Matrix Diffusion Toolkit:  Two analytical models for evaluating matrix diffusion sources once DNAPL is gone.
  • GSI Mann-Kendall Toolkit:  Spreadsheet based calculator for applying statistical method to determine the trend in groundwater concentration data over time.

5.00pm - Wrap Up and General Discussion

Workshop presenters

Charles Newell, GSI Environmental Inc.

Registration and Fees

Registration fees for the half day workshops are $350. This includes workshop registration, all catering, workshop materials and handouts.

Eventbrite - Sydney DNAPL and LNAPL Workshops

Computer Requirements 

Workshop attendees are required to bring laptops with them (if possible) for the Workshop.  Laptop requirements are as follows:

REMChlor:  To run REMChlor you will need:

Mass Flux Toolkit, Matrix Diffusion Toolkit, and GSI Mann-Kendall Toolkit:  To run these Toolkits you will need: