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National Remediation Framework


National Framework for Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sites in Australia

A National Remediation Framework (NRF) is being developed through CRC CARE to provide practical guidance to practitioners and regulators.

NRF public consultation: Provide feedback on draft guidance documents

The Framework will:

  • complement the National Environment Protection (Assessment of Site Contamination) Measure
  • harmonise guidance and best practice in the remediation and management of contaminated sites in Australia
  • be congruent with the harmonisation objectives of the former COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water
  • not be legally binding
  • not impinge on the policy and decision-making prerogatives of the states and territories
  • adopt a modular approach so that it may be readily updated as circumstances require

The foundation work for designing and establishing the Framework and for planning future development has been completed and is encompassed in three reports:

  1. Survey of state, territory and international frameworks for the remediation and management of site contamination, including their legal basis: CRC CARE Tech Report 22 - Developing a national guidance framework for Australian remediation 
  2. Defining the context, philosophy and principles for the Framework: CRC CARE Tech report 27 - Defining the philosophy, context and principles of the National Framework for remediation and management of contaminated sites in Australia
  3. Identifying existing guidance and determining gaps in that guidance: CRC CARE Tech Report 28 - Identification of existing guidance for a National Remediation Framework.

A series of documents will be released in stages over the next 2 years at which time CRC CARE will invite feedback.

Documents for consultation:

We have finished collecting feedback on draft documents and are now preparing the final document for consultation. The consultation period is tentatively scheduled for November 2018 to March 2019, and will include a national roadshow in February.  This will be the final consultation prior to completing the framework.

  1. Guidance for worker health and safety considerations – Submissions closed

  2. CRC CARE Technical Report 27: Defining the philosophy, context and principles of the National Framework for remediation and management of contaminated sites in Australia – Submissions closed

  3. Guideline for documentation, record-keeping and reporting – Submissions closed

  4. Guideline for stakeholder engagement – Submissions closed
  5. Cost-Benefit and Sustainability Analysis_Final Draft Guideline_Rev2 – Submissions closed
  6. Appendix A - CB&SA checklist_Rev2 – Submissions closed
  7. Appendix B - Stakeholder Engagement Plan_Rev2 – Submissions closed
  8. Appendix C_Evaluation Indicators and Definitions_Rev2 – Submissions closed
  9. Appendix D - Assessment Methods (more detail)_Rev2 – Submissions closed
  10. Appendix E - Case Studies_Rev2 – Submissions closed
  11. CB&SA Tool Instructions_Rev2 – Submissions closed
  12. Cost-Benefit and Sustainability Analysis Tool – please contact Ms Kerry Scott at if you have not received this document and would like to view it – Submissions closed
  13. Validation and Closure – Submissions closed
  14. Long-term monitoring – Submissions closed
  15. Role of Auditing – Submissions closed
  16. Institutional Controls – Submissions closed
  17. Guidance on Establishing Site-Specific Remediation Objectives – Submissions closed
  18. Development of Guidance for Regulatory Considerations – Submissions closed
  19. Guidelines for Identifying and Selecting Remediation Options – Submissions closed
  20. Application Guide for In Situ Air Sparging – Submissions closed
  21. Application Guide for Barrier Systems – Submissions closed
  22. Application Guide for Bioremediation – Submissions closed
  23. Application Guide for Chemical Immobilisation and Solidification – Submissions closed
  24. Application Guide for Containment – Submissions closed
  25. Application Guide for Excavation – Submissions closed
  26. Application Guide for In Situ Chemical Oxidation – Submissions closed
  27. Application Guide for Monitored Natural Attenuation – Submissions closed
  28. Application Guide for Pump and Treat Remediation – Submissions closed
  29. Application Guide for Skimming – Submissions closed
  30. Application Guide for Soil Washing – Submissions closed
  31. Application Guide for Thermal Desorption – Submissions closed


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