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CRC CARE in the media

The contamination of wastewater with PFCs, including PFOA and PFOS needs to be addressed.

30 November 2015

Bob Baldwin to provide details of chemical clean up options to Assistant Defence Minister.

Federal Paterson MP Bob Baldwin has given information from a Newcastle-based research facility on a clean-up option for the Williamtown air force base contamination. The solution is matCARE, developed by CRC CARE. Read more

matCare a possible solution to remediate contamination at the Williamtown RAAF base.

7 September 2015

Scientists say modified clay could be used to mop up toxic residue.

Scientists hope the latest technology will be used to mop up toxic residues, left behind by fire-fighting operations near Newcastle's RAAF base. Researchers from CRC CARE have invented matCARE - a modified clay that can soak up potentially cancer-causing chemicals. Read more

PFOS and PFAS from fire fighting foam can contaminate soil and water however matCare is a solution for remediation.

15 October 2014

Remote communities could move from diesel to biogas

After presenting seminars in Alice Springs and Darwin, CRC CARE waste-to-energy expert Dr Jayant Keskar talked to ABC Rural about the potential for regional communities to run their own biogas plants.

2015 CRC CARE in the media

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