CRC CARE brings together industry, government, science and engineering to prevent, assess and clean up environmental contamination

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01 December 2012

Soil is fundamental says award-winning professor

UniSA reports on the International Soil Science Award bestowed upon Managing Director Prof Ravi Naidu.

19 November 2012

ABC Rural

Managing Director Prof Ravi Naidu speaks about the importance of soil health. - 8.0 Mb

12 September 2012

2CME radio

Senior CRC CARE Researcher Prof Nanthi Bolan speaks about the focus of the carbon tax. - 1.3 Mb

18 June 2012

ABC Radio National Drive

CRC CARE Managing Director Ravi Naidu speaks to Waleed Aly about the problems with pig poo. - 2.1 Mb

5 June 2012

ABC Radio Australia

CRC CARE Managing Director Ravi Naidu speaks to Desley Blanch about the digester technology which is cleaning up pig waste to produce biogas, fertiliser and other valuable products.