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Organic waste expert Dr Jayant Keskar from CRC CARE.

05 December 2014

Remote communities could move from diesel to biogas

After presenting seminars in Alice Springs and Darwin, CRC CARE waste-to-energy expert Dr Jayant Keskar talked to ABC Rural about the potential for regional communities to run their own biogas plants.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment is promoting the recycling of domestic waste to generate local power needs.

30 October 2014

Generating electricity from waste

Over 100 days of electricity could be generated from agricultural waste in Tasmania every year according to Dr Jayant Keskar, who presented a series of seminars in in that state recently. Read about it - or listen to him - via ABC Rural.

PFOS and PFAS from fire fighting foam can contaminate soil and water however matCare is a solution for remediation.

15 October 2014

ABC News

In early September, the New South Wales Environment Protection Authority warned people living and working near the Williamtown RAAF base that elevated levels of toxic chemicals had been found in the surrounding area. But what exactly are the chemicals, and what effects do they have on humans and the environment? CRC CARE has been researching PFOS and PFOA since 2004.  Read more via ABC News

CRC CARE have developed a remediation solution which traps environmental contaminants left behind when fire retardant ‘film forming’ foams are used.

14 October 2014

The Lead South Australia

Professor Ravi Naidu is interviewed by Sarah Keenihan about matCARE and its use in the removal of perfluorochemicals (PFCs) left behind by firefighting extinguishers.

matCare, a new product developed, captures dangerous PFC left behind by fire fighting extinguishers.

06 October 2014:


Aussie answer to toxic fire-fighting chemicals. Australian scientists have come up with the solution to a world-wide pollution problem – how to mop up the toxic residues left after the use of special foams to fight fires. Read more.

The remediation of PFCs in contaminated soil and water is possible with matCare.

04 October 2014

The Australian Innovation Challenge

CRC CARE's matCARE is announced as a finalist in the 2014 The Australian Innovation Challenge. Professor Ravi Naidu is interviewed for the feature in The Australian.

CRC CARE discusses remediation of land pollution and contamination.

22 August 2014

ABC Radio National 'Life Matters'

Professor Ravi Naidu, Managing Director of CRC CARE, participates on a talkback panel with Julian Cribb, author of Poisoned Planet, to discuss global contamination issues with listeners and host Natasha Mitchell. The recording is 55 minutes long; Prof. Naidu is introduced at the 40-minute mark. It is also available via the Radio National website.

Contamination, such as soil contamination, wastewater and even food is often unseen but needs to be treated

27 July 2014

Radio Adelaide 101.5 FM

Sue Reece speaks with Ravi Naidu on the issue of environmental contamination and his efforts to establish CRC CARE's global-CARE initiative.

A discussion on land contamination, soil contamination and water contamination.

18 July 2014

ABC 891 Adelaide

Ravi Naidu is interviewed by Ian Henschke about TCE contamination at Clovelly Park, SA.

Ravi Naidu talks about CRC CARE’s pooCARETM technology for remediating piggery waste.

01 April 2014:

ABC 666 Canberra

Ravi Naidu talks to Alex Sloan and CRC Association CEO Tony Peacock about CRC CARE’s pooCARETM technology for remediating piggery waste.

Ravi Naidu talks to John Scott about the dangers of air pollution.

31 March 2014:

4BC Health and Wellbeing

Ravi Naidu talks to John Scott about the dangers of air pollution.

Toxic contaminants can be found in foods we import.

7 January 2014

2GB Breakfast radio

Ravi Naidu talks to Andrew Moore about contamination in imported foods.