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Firefighting foam runoff

World-first technique for eliminating toxic chemicals linked to firefighting foam contamination

Date: 10 March 2017

CRC CARE has developed a new approach to breaking down potentially harmful 'PFAS' contaminants, which have been detected at firefighter-training locations, including airports and other aviation facilities. Read More

Derelict mine teaser

Better ways to clean up old mines

Date: 04 November 2016

The world’s foremost experts in mine site rehabilitation and clean-up will gather in Singleton NSW on 6-8 December 2016 to discuss the latest and best ways to clean up old mine sites that may still be leaking toxins and pollutants into water, air and the human food chain. Read More

Port Hedland Lidar scan teaser

Better way to track dust can reduce contaminant burden on communities

Date: 01 November 2016

A new tool for monitoring and analysing dust plumes – particularly those containing potentially harmful contaminants – will improve our understanding of, and help reduce, the impacts on affected communities. Read More

Ravi Naidu addresses the audience at the CleanUp 2015 gala dinner

Call for global action on ‘toxins without borders’

Date: 16 September 2015

A call for worldwide action to staunch the growing tide of toxic contaminants flowing across the world’s borders and throughout the Earth system was made at the CleanUp 2015 conference in Melbourne today. Read More

Clean-up injects new value into old urban lands

Date: 15 September 2015

Effective clean-up of contaminated sites delivers large returns to land-holders and taxpayers, and can boost home values for citizens living nearby by more than 10%. Read More

Factory pollution

Call for greater focus on risks of toxic mixtures

Date: 15 September 2015

Mixtures of toxic chemicals that commonly occur in the word’s cities may hold greater risks for citizens exposed to them than do the individual chemicals themselves Read More

How citizens can help keep clean-up safe and effective

Date: 15 September 2015

Government and industry need to think twice and involve local citizens before they rush in and remove toxic contaminants from a polluted site, a leading international expert says. Read More

Dried berries

Toxins in herbal medicines 'can harm our health'

Date: 14 September 2015

People who take unregulated complementary medicines are at a higher risk of being contaminated by heavy metals, a scientist has warned. Read More

World ‘facing flood of new toxins’

Date: 14 September 2015

The world needs to prepare for a flood of potentially dangerous new pollutants, an international expert in environmental chemistry has warned. Read More

Author calls for Human Right ‘not to be poisoned’

Date: 13 September 2015

A call for a new Human Right – the right not to be poisoned – will be made at the CleanUp 2015 conference in Melbourne tomorrow. Read More