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What is AFFF?


AFFF stands for aqueous film-forming foam. It is used as a fire suppressant, and functions by cooling the fire and coating the fuel behind the fire. It creates a film between the fuel and oxygen to prevent further combustion.

AFFFs were created in the early 1900s and have been continuously developed over time. However, until recent years, AFFFs included the toxic chemicals called PFOS and PFOA.

While AFFFs manufactured now do not contain these chemicals, existing stockpiles continue to be used. Even where they are no longer used, PFOA and PFOS continue to pose significant health risks to humans, animals and the environment as they are stable and can remain toxic for many years. In many areas where the toxic AFFFs were used, PFOS and PFOA have contaminated the groundwater and soil.

matCARETM, produced by CRC CARE, can remediate the impact of AFFF by irreversibly binding to the PFOA and PFOS molecules, neutralising their toxicity immediately.