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probeCARE™: analyte ion detection method and device

CRC CARE has developed a novel technique for the real-time measurement of metal ions in solution using Ion Selective Electrode Arrays. The technique includes software that has been developed to allow real-time measurement of a multitude of free ions simultaneously in solution.

probeCARE™ allows common ions such as sodium, potassium and calcium to be measured in complex solute matrices, even in coloured solutions. This is of value to agricultural irrigators and for monitoring water quality in lakes and streams.

Real-time, on-site monitoring

Existing techniques utilise laboratory equipment whose size and weight render them inappropriate for in-field measurements. Consequently, process time and equipment costs can be prohibitive. probeCARE™ supports cost-effective, in situ, real-time monitoring , together with improved management strategies for cropping, improved fertigation, effective use of recycled water, and monitoring for possible pollutants to ensure EPA standards are achieved.

probeCARE™ is being developed with internet connectivity to truly support remote sensing and continuous monitoring of critical resources. The technology is at an early stage of commercialisation.

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