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There are an estimated 160,000 known or potentially contaminated sites in Australia. Each year, new contaminated sites are identified and added to the list. Various strategies aim to address the contamination issues at these sites, including legislative measures, assessment procedures and remediation technologies. Risk ranking tools have been developed to prioritise contaminated sites for further action. The goal is a consistent and scientifically defensible system for ranking or categorising sites so that resources can be allocated judiciously for either risk management or remediation. 

CRC CARE has developed rankCARE software to prioritise contaminated sites for decision-making. This easy-to-use application considers a list of weighted ‘parameters’ to define the extent of contamination risk and urgency of action for a given contaminated site/area. It also allows sites to be split into one or more areas, with parameters applied to each area. A final score is rendered for each area and all data are presented in a graph allowing the areas to be ranked. The data can be added to, modified and deleted as the situation changes. Charts can be exported or printed for inclusion in reports, and the raw data can be exported as comma separated values (*.csv) for manipulation in spreadsheet programs (such as Microsoft Excel). The project file can be administered by a manager who has the ability to lock it, allowing it to be forwarded to anyone else but preventing any unauthorised changes. All changes are logged against the user’s username as recorded on the computer’s operating system (e.g. Microsoft Windows), and the project can be rolled back to a previous point in time if unintentional changes are made. 

rankCARE is aimed at environmental managers, consultants and regulators to facilitate risk management and regulatory decision-making. 

Purchase a copy of rankCARE

A rankCARE licence for installation on one computer is available at a one-off fee of $500 (ex GST). Multiple licences can also be purchased at a discounted price. A 30-day trial version of rankCARE is available to try before purchasing the licence.

Associated documentation for rankCARE can be downloaded from the links below.

To purchase your copy of rankCARE or for further information, contact Adam Barclay (Email:; Phone: +61 429 779 228).