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Remediation Australasia


In 2017 CRC CARE relaunched Remediation Australasia as a predominantly digital publication, with 3 online issues per year and an annual print issue that compiles the best articles across the 12 months.

Remediation Australasia is now published via its own website:

PDFs of the magazine are available for download on this page as well as via the new website, but we recommend you view the online version, which allows you to find articles based on a keyword search or according to a categorised list of topics.

Remediation Australasia shares the latest technological developments, discoveries and innovations, as well as discussion points, industry news and training events. Subscription is free, more than 2000 subscribers from all over the world. Remediation Australasia also provides industry members with publication and advertising opportunities.

Remediation Australasia issue 10

This edition of Remediation Australasia contains articles on novel digester technology that is transforming millions of tonnes of animal waste into reusable resources in China; the best methods to make the most of your site history information (as part of an ongoing series); a discussion on the importance and issues surrounding environmental insurance; and a unique case study on the successful remediation of a former paper mill site featuring chlor-alkali cell plant conditions.

Remediation Australasia issue 9

This issue includes articles on bioreactive organoclays as an emerging remediation technology, the potential for laser radar (lidar) technology in supplying energy needs to a nation, the phytocapping powers of the giant reed Arundo donax, and a discussion of the changing landscape of community consultation. We also give you a brief look into the plans for policy surrounding emerging chemicals of concern in Australia, and the implementation of sustainable remediation in Australian and New Zealand contexts.

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Remediation Australasia issue 8

This issue includes articles on dust toxicity measurements and health, advice to enhance the results of your site history investigations, potential remediation techniques for petroleum in soils, and a summary of some of the new CRC CARE II research projects. Other contents also include updates to contaminated sites law and policy for Australian states, and recommendations for risk communication in site remediation.

Remediation Australasia issue 7

Remediation Australasia Issue 6

This issue has a focus on public attitudes and policy revision related to contamination and remediation industries. Attitudes and policies change with the times, and we too embrace the future and all the possibilities that come with it as we transform into CARE 2.

Remediation Australasia Issue 5

Remediation Australasia Issue 4

Article topics for Issue 4 include an update on the changes to contaminated site law and policy in Australian jurisdictions during 2010, an analysis and comparison of thermal desorption treatment technologies, and a discussion about the public consultation period of the Assessment of Site Contamination NEPM (which is now open). We also take a look at researcher Jianhua Du’s method for extracting more water from mineral processing, which is saving industry millions of dollars. We also consider human health in two articles within this edition – firstly, by exploring the impact of clandestine drug manufacturing laboratories, and secondly, by looking at a new tool that assesses the risk of (and helps support decision-making about) ingesting contaminated foods.

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Remediation Australasia Issue 3

This edition contains a range of articles on topics including the development of health investigation levels (HILs) for the National Environmental Protection Measure (NEPM), a consideration of the different applications of green, sustainable and risk-based approaches to remediation, an outline of CRC CARE’s research into remediating PFOS contamination from fire-fighting foam, and an examination of the proposed new standards for assessing and managing contaminated soil in New Zealand.

Remediation Australasia Issue 2

Articles in this edition include a discussion on engaging communities in land contamination (always a challenging task), information which businesses and organisations are required to report on greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption, the management of asbestos contamination, and the potential for new applications of nanotechnologies.

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Remediation Australasia Issue 1

This issue is the first edition of Remediation Australasia, a magazine produced by the Australian Remediation Industry Cluster (ARIC) – an initiative of CRC CARE. The purpose of Remediation Australasia is to provide a resource to help industry, government and research groups to keep abreast of new developments and better understand what is happening in the remediation industry. In essence, the magazine is expected to bridge the gap between different end-user groups via exchange of information on contaminants, risks, remediation and community involvement in public policy. CRC CARE is proud to have initiated ARIC and welcomes you to Remediation Australasia.

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