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CleanUp Indonesia


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CleanUp is the world’s leading scientific conference series dedicated to the assessment, prevention and remediation of the chemical contamination of our planet. Operating since 2007, it has attracted worldwide audiences from academia, industry, government and the wider community to discuss and showcase the latest ideas and technologies for cleaning up the contaminated environments that are a legacy of past and present industrial development.

Contamination – of air, soil, water, food and even people – is global and imposes a heavy toll on both human and environmental health. The World Health Organization estimates that more than 12 million people die annually (nearly 1 in 4 deaths worlrdwide) from living or working in unhealthy environments. Air, water and soil contamination and chemical exposure are major factors, with an estimated 7 million deaths each year from air pollution alone.

It is past time for scientists, regulators and industry to find practical ways to cleanse our home, the Earth. CleanUp conferences offer an international forum for the best ideas, insights, and scientific developments to be shared as we build a pathway to a cleaner world. In May 2017, Indonesia will host its first CleanUp Conference. The event will bring together Indonesian and international experts under one roof to seek the best clean-up solutions for both the public and private sectors. 

CRC CARE is proud to join Adhouse Asia in orgnanising this important event, which will also see the Indonesian launch of globalCARETM (global Contamination Assessment and Remediation Enterprise), a scientific initiative to define, quantify, set limits to, help clean up, and devise new ways to curb the growing impact of chemical contamination on human health and the environment.

Please join us at CleanUp Indonesia 2017.